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Beach House

The spirit of COOL shoe corp. is based on our love of the beach lifestyle and inspired by the many activities around it. With deep roots in Californian action sports culture , we are all about inclusion and positivity.

Our brand started in San Clemente (southern California) in 1982 in the heartland of America’s surf and skate culture , developing canvas shoes to walk , skate , run and hike around the planet.
Surf , music and arts were the common thread and inspiration of the products.

In 1993, a company based in Biarritz (south west France & surfing capital of Europe) took over the brand and decided to innovate and revolutionize the market of sandals by offering a product specifically designed for surfers and all users of the beach. The idea was to have a product to help you walk on sand with no effort.

The ORIGINAL was born. Wide, thick and with a rocking chair sole, you could now “float” while walking on sand.

The brand expanded its collection to all types of sandals and also developed a line of sunglasses to match its logo.

40 years on, we still honour the same philosophy than in the beginning and offer sandals, easy going shoes, sunglasses and summer accessories to beach lovers around the world.

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